ev cable products are mainly used in electric vehicles, Electric Forklift, Electric aircraft, Electric boat, Energy storage, ev charger and ev connectors, charging stations and other high-voltage electrical systems and ev charging infrastructure.

OMG EV Cable best selling EV cable

OMG EV Cable has started independent research and development of conductive products for new energy electric vehicles since 2009, and its products and technologies have served well-known companies manufacturing vehicles and connectors.

About OMG EV Cable

We focus on the research and development, production and sales of electric vehicle high-voltage cables and electric vehicle charging cables.OMG is committed to becoming a world-class provider of new EV cable solutions, In 2016, it was recognized as Dongguan City's Patent Advantage Enterprise, Guangdong New Energy Vehicle Intelligent Electrical Engineering Technology Research Center, and one of the 2017 Top 100 Electric Vehicle Core Components Enterprises. Our products and technologies have served major automotive and well-known connector companies, The main customers are Amphenol, ITT, DEGSON, KST, SINBON, Delta, ABB, JAE, ATL, DANA


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