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OMG EV CABLE looking for global distributors

Date:2023/7/21 2:25:17

With the popularity of electric vehicles, the demand for electric vehicle charging facilities is growing. As an important part of EV charging, the quality and reliability of charging cables are critical to the user's charging experience. In order to further meet the needs of the international market, OMG EV CABLE now invites you to join our global agent team.

Why choose us?
Guangdong OMG Transmitting Technology Co., Ltd. of technical solutions for new energy charging applications, specializing in the design, development and production of electric vehicle charging cables and electric vehicle high voltage cables. Until this year, OMG EV CABLE has been deeply engaged in the field of new energy vehicle charging for 27 years, and the quality of our products and services are among the world's leading. We keep up with the pace of market changes and grasp the different needs of customers, so that OMG electric vehicle cables have always been innovative, with a share of more than 17% in the global electric vehicle charging cable market, and already have a certain degree of brand awareness.

As a global distributor of electric vehicle cables, you will enjoy the following advantages and opportunities:

1. Diversified market: The electric vehicle market is growing rapidly worldwide and becoming a major trend in the future of transportation. As our global agent, you will be able to enter this diversified market and work with partners around the world to promote the development of electric vehicle charging facilities.

2、High-quality products: Our cables are manufactured with advanced technology and high-quality materials. A full range of product performance tests ensure the safety and high quality of OMG EV CABLE, and we have obtained comprehensive product certification in the industry to provide authoritative guarantee for its reliability and durability. We also have a wide range of product types to meet the market demand for charging cables. As our global distributor, you will be able to provide customers with high-quality products to meet their needs for charging facilities.

3, more advantageous price: in ensuring high quality products at the same time, we through technological breakthroughs to make the product price more advantageous in the market. As our global agents can open up a wider international market through cost-effective products and services.

4、Comprehensive support and training: As our global agent, you will get comprehensive support and training, including product knowledge, marketing and sales skills training. We will work closely with you to develop the market and provide professional support and assistance.

If you have the following conditions and interests, we welcome you to become our global agent:
1、With sales experience: You should have relevant product sales experience and have a certain understanding of the electric vehicle charging market.
2、Good partnership: You should have good partnership and be able to establish a solid relationship with partners around the world.
3, excellent sales ability: excellent sales skills and market development ability is one of the skills you need to have, can help you proactively promote and sell our electric vehicle cable products, to provide customers with better service.
4, with technical support capabilities: you should have a certain technical support capabilities, to provide customers with basic technical assistance and solutions.
If you meet the above conditions and are interested in becoming our global agent, please get in touch with us through the following contact information. We look forward to working with you to promote the development of electric vehicle charging facilities.
Contact information:
Phone: +86-0769-82231900
WhatsApp: +86 15873072015