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TÜV Rheinland awarded OMG the world's first DC charging cable standard certification

Date:2020/11/26 9:23:41

On November 2, 2020, at the 4th Shenzhen International Charging Station (Pile) Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2020, TÜV Rheinland Group awarded Guangdong OMG Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. the world's first DC charging cable for electric vehicles Certification Certificate (IEC 62893-4-1:2020). TÜV Rheinland Solar and Commercial Product Service Vice President Xia Bo and OMG Technical Director Liu Yufeng attended the certification ceremony.

TÜV Rheinland awarded OMG the world's first DC charging cable standard certification


With the maturity and wide application of electric vehicle technology, the construction of basic charging facilities for electric vehicles has become the focus of development. As a basic component of electric vehicle charging facilities, the performance of electric vehicle charging cables has an important influence on the entire charging process. As a current carrier connecting electric vehicles and charging piles, safety issues have always been concerned.


In May 2020, the IEC 62893-4-1:2020 standard for DC charging cables for electric vehicles was officially released, filling the gap in the international standard for DC charging technology in the field of electric vehicle charging, and making DC charging technology more standardized and standardized. The DC charging pile is commonly called "fast charging". During the charging process, the input voltage of the DC charging pile adopts three-phase four-wire AC 380V±15%, the frequency is 50Hz, and the output is adjustable direct current, which directly charges the power battery of the electric vehicle. This requires that the supporting DC charging pile cable can adapt to the corresponding indoor or outdoor use environment, have good electrical conductivity, oil resistance, weather resistance, and flame retardancy, and meet the corresponding mechanical properties. The release of this standard can not only enable manufacturing Enterprises to have unified standards as a reference to quantify cable performance indicators and provide a basis for selecting high-quality cable suppliers for DC charging facilities.


At the certification site, Ogilvy’s technical director Liu Yufeng said: During the two years before the release of the IEC standard, Ogilvy laid out and recommended European standard DC cable solutions to European customers, and provided them with enterprise standard products for two years. After the official release of the IEC standard, Ogilvy took the lead in submitting a certification application to TÜV Rheinland. After many technical meetings and active communication, the samples passed the standard test once and successfully completed the type of certification. Thank you very much. The TÜV Rheinland team’s guidance and support for this project, TÜV Rheinland is our solid certified partner in the electric vehicle charging cable market.


Xia Bo, Vice President of TÜV Rheinland Solar Energy and Commercial Products Services, said: I sincerely congratulate OMG on obtaining the world's first DC charging cable standard certification. In the field of electric vehicle charging, TÜV Rheinland has more than ten years of rich experience and technology accumulation, testing and certification for the safety, performance, and quality of charging equipment, certification of charging cables, charging connectors, and charging sockets. The upstream and downstream areas of the industrial chain, including the certification of vehicle systems, supply chains, charging facilities, training of installers, and personal qualification recognition, will help Chinese manufacturers win overseas markets with quality and technology.