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What performance should I focus on when choosing a high-power electric vehicle charging cable?

Date:2024/4/2 3:17:15

High-power EV charging cables are a key component connecting the charging pile to the electric vehicle, and the selection of their performance is critical to the safety and efficiency of the charging process. When selecting high-power EV charging cables, you need to focus on the following performance aspects:


Good electrical conductivity: Electric vehicle charging cables should have good electrical conductivity to reduce energy loss and resistance. High-quality conductive materials and design can reduce the resistance of the cable and improve the efficiency of energy transfer, thus shortening charging time and reducing energy waste.


High-temperature performance: high-power electric vehicle charging cable in the high power charging process of high current and voltage, will produce high temperature, so it needs to have good high temperature performance. Cable materials should be able to withstand high-temperature environments, maintaining the structural integrity and performance stability of the cable, to avoid damage to the cable or safety hazards due to high temperatures.


Good abrasion resistance and durability: electric vehicle charging cables will be frequently plugged and unplugged in daily use, bending or dragging on the ground, the cable outer material needs to have good abrasion resistance and durability to ensure that the cable is not easy to be damaged or fractured in long-term use.


Environmental adaptability: electric vehicle charging cables are used in charging places in various situations, excellent environmental adaptability can prolong the service life of the cable and guarantee the safety of electricity, such as waterproof and moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, etc., in order to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the cable leading to short circuit or damage. Cable design and material selection is the key to ensure that the cable can work properly in all kinds of weather conditions.


Anti-interference ability: High-power electric vehicle charging cables should have good anti-interference ability to reduce the impact of external electromagnetic interference on the charging process. Shielding technology and high-quality cable design can effectively reduce electromagnetic interference and improve the stability and reliability of the charging process.


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