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2022 OMG EV CABLE Annual Meeting and Employee Awards Celebration

Date:2023/1/3 2:00:37

OMG EV CABLE has prepared a staff award ceremony to thank all the staff for their efforts and motivate them to continue to create brilliance in the new year. Under the joint organization of Human Resources Department and related departments, OMG EV CABLE's "2022 Annual Meeting and Employee Award Celebration" came to a successful end in Dongguan Dihao Garden Hotel.

Mr. Liu Zhong, Chairman of OMG EV CABLE, Mr. Liu Jiehao, General Manager of Dongguan OMG EV CABLE, Mr. Liu Jie Yan, General Manager of Anhui OMG EV CABLE and all the management, functional departments and workshop staff attended the ceremony together, 

2022 OMG EV CABLE Annual Meeting and Employee Awards Celebration

Employees gathered together

In the background of the general market environment, OMG EV CABLE still managed to increase its performance by 60% compared to last year, which cannot be separated from the efforts of every employee in the company, among which a number of excellent individuals and advanced collective emerged, they are the model of love and dedication, and are the example of every OMG EV CABLE people to learn!

After careful selection, the company selected a number of outstanding employees and set up the "Excellent Craftsman Award", "Newcomer Award", "Enthusiastic Dedication Award", "Ten-Year Service Star", "R&D Award", "Innovation Award", "Best Sales Award "Organizational Award", "Technical Advisor Award", "Team Organization Award" and many other awards.

Outstanding Craftsman AwardOutstanding Craftsman Award

Newcomer AwardNewcomer Award

Enthusiastic Contribution AwardEnthusiastic Contribution Award

Ten-year service starTen-year service star

R&D AwardR&D Award

Best Sales AwardBest Sales Award

Organization AwardOrganization Award

Technical Advisor AwardTechnical Advisor Award

Team Organization AwardTeam Organization Award

Sail away, gather our strengths, and make a difference, thanks to the company of every employee of OMG EV CABLE! Team is strength, let's work together to create the next glory!