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Team building-the company's true core competitiveness

Date:2016/7/12 16:02:23

Team building has always been the top priority of OMG's development. Continuously improving efficiency in the construction team to create an efficient team is OMG's true core competitiveness.

Team building-the company's true core competitiveness

Team building overview

A team is a formal group of individuals collaborating to achieve a certain goal. It is a community composed of employees and management. It reasonably uses the knowledge and skills of each member to work together to solve problems and achieve common goals.

Team building is an activity in which companies plan and purposefully organize teams in their management and train, summarize, and improve their members.

1 Team building methods and skills

Team building is a fundamental guarantee for career development. Team operation is a summary of the long-term practice experience of industry insiders. So far, no one has succeeded outside the team. Team development depends on team building. Team building should be carried out from the following aspects:

1. Form the core layer

The focus of team building is to train the core members of the team. As the saying goes, "one hero and three gangs", the leader is a team builder. By forming a think tank or an executive team, the core layer of the team should be formed, and the role of the core members should be fully utilized to turn the team's goals into action plans. Has achieved rapid growth. The core members of the team should have the basic qualities and capabilities of the leader. They must not only know the team development plan but also participate in the formulation and implementation of team goals so that the team members can understand the direction of team development and can develop with the team in action. Keep the direction consistent. Everyone shared one heart and one mind and inherited the past and the other.

2. Set team goals

Team goals come from the company's development direction and the common pursuit of team members. It is the direction and motivation for all members to struggle, and it is also a banner that calls on all members to cooperate sincerely. Core members need to clarify the current actual situation of the team when setting team goals, for example: at what stage of development is the team? Formation stage, rising stage, or stable stage? What are the deficiencies of the team members, what kind of help do you need, and how are you fighting? and many more. When setting goals, follow the SMART principles of goals: S--clarity, M--measurability, A--acceptability, R--actuality, and T--time limit.

3. Train the team elite

The work of training elites is a very important part of team building. Establishing a well-trained sales team can bring many benefits to the team: improve personal ability, improve overall quality, improve service quality, and stabilize sales performance. A team without elites is like a tree without roots, and an untrained team is like a straggler and it is difficult to maintain long-term prosperity. The key points of the training team elite are:

Establish a learning organization: let everyone recognize the importance of learning, try their best to create learning opportunities for them, provide learning venues, praise people who learn fast, and communicate through one-on-one communication, seminars, training courses, and work together Create a learning atmosphere and make team members an elite in learning and replication.

Build a growth platform: The generation and growth of team elites are directly related to the platform they are on. A good platform can create a good growth environment and provide more opportunities for exercise and talent display.

4. Cultivate team spirit

Teamwork refers to the willingness and style of team members to collaborate and do their best to achieve the interests and goals of the team. It includes team cohesion, cooperation awareness, and morale. Teamwork emphasizes the close cooperation of team members. To cultivate this spirit, leaders must first lead by example and become a model with a strong team spirit; second, strengthen the education of the concept of team spirit in team training; most importantly, implement this concept in the practice of teamwork go with. It is difficult for a person without team spirit to be a true leader. A team without team spirit is a team that cannot stand the test. Team spirit is the soul of an excellent team and the characteristics of a successful team.

5. Do a good job of team motivation

Sales is an act of dealing with refusal. Team building is a job that easily conflicts with other people’s ideas. Direct selling is a career that requires a certain amount of time to persist. Everyone needs to do all this. The biggest challenge he faces is For yourself, therefore, each team member needs to be motivated. The leadership's motivation work is good or bad, which directly affects the morale of the team and ultimately the development of the team. Motivation refers to satisfying the needs and desires of team members through certain means to mobilize their enthusiasm so that they can voluntarily bring their potentials to full play, thereby ensuring the achievement of the set goals. The management feature of the direct selling b