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The Fusion Development of the Craftsman Spirit and OMG "Dedication Year"

Date:2016/7/11 16:59:39

Cultivating employees' proactive work attitude and striving for excellence is the craftsmanship spirit of industry enterprises. It coincides with OMG's "dedication year". The implementation of "dedication year" will bring huge potential for OMG to explode and lay a solid foundation for OMG's development. basis.
Interpretation of this artisan spirit

While perfecting the system and management, each enterprise should pay special attention to promoting the "artisan spirit", fostering employees' proactive work attitude and the "artisan spirit" of excellence. The prosperity of an enterprise depends on the employees' sense of social responsibility and loyalty to the enterprise, their love for their career and their high degree of responsibility. Therefore, the core problem that the company urgently needs to solve is to cultivate a corporate culture with a sense of social responsibility, and allow employees to actively integrate into the corporate culture, focus on the cause, and consciously perform the duties of craftsmen.
 Regardless of the type of business, there are three forces that affect employee behavior: system, management, and culture. These three things affect the organization's individual behavior and its results from different sides, and they cooperate with each other and are indispensable. Among the three forces, corporate system and management are tangible forces, and corporate culture is an invisible force. The enterprise system is the foundation, the hardware, the enterprise culture is the driving force, the software, the enterprise management is the bridge, and the system and the culture play a role through management (people).

The enterprise maximizes the role of employees as the main body of the enterprise and practices the "artisan spirit". At the same time, it carefully absorbed employees' reasonable suggestions for the development of the enterprise and adopted a series of measures to promote the development of the enterprise. Such as:
1. Combining production, learning and research, carrying out technological innovation and innovation, and achieving product technology leadership in multiple channels and fields.
2. Optimize the production process, improve the process equipment, improve the detection methods, keep improving, strictly control the quality, and ensure the manufacture of fine products.
3. Widely promote the corporate culture of "being good at water and benefiting the society", and cultivate the "ethics" and social responsibility of corporate employees. Make employees less speculative and more skillful, more down-to-earth; less eager for short-term benefits, more focused and lasting, strict prevention of rough manufacturing, to ensure high-quality products.
4. Establish a benchmarking enterprise, learn advanced technology and craftsmanship, and apply it to the application to promote the quality of products to meet the requirements of fine products.
5. Formulate talent training plans, build a team of craftsmen, and lay a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development.
Most enterprises also regard the so-called beautiful factory buildings, advanced production lines and equipment, how many so-called technological leadership and other elements as their core competitiveness, only paying attention to the company's hardware investment, and ignoring the construction of corporate culture and employees' excellence. The cultivation of "spirit" has led to the lack of motivation for the development of enterprises, the homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious, the quality of products cannot be truly improved, and the development of enterprises is struggling. What is the company's program? What is the real core competitiveness? This should be the most important subject that every enterprise must seriously explore and the core issue that needs to be resolved urgently.
Many people think that a craftsman is a mechanically repetitive worker. In fact, a craftsman has a more profound meaning. He represents the temperament of an era, firm, down-to-earth, and striving for excellence. Craftsmen may not always be entrepreneurs. But most successful entrepreneurs have this artisan spirit. Therefore, the craftsmen have a commonality, that is, they must do the things they like the most.

The Fusion Development of the Craftsman Spirit and OMG

OMG "Year of Devotion"


The seven important keywords of OMG's "Year of Devotion" are data, consolidation, implementation, professionalism, focus, detail, and foundation. The meaning of "Year of Devotion" is to use data to guide the development direction and judge the trend, and promote the emergence of innovation and solutions. According to the new solution, take key measures, put the relevant work into place, and implement the work with professionalism, focus, and attention to detail. Achieve excellence in work, promote the emergence of innovative solutions, lay a solid foundation for all work objectives, and thus achieve OMG goals and plans.


In recent years, the country has issued a series of policy documents to guide the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry and to turn China from a manufacturing power into a manufacturing power. To achieve this goal, companies need to embed the "artisan spirit" in their corporate culture. To keep pace with the times and promote enterprise management, Guangdong OMG Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. has formulated seven keywords of "data, tamping, implementation, professionalism, focus, detail, the foundation"-"year of dedication", and made employees deep Understand and execute highly, OMG has always believed that high-quality products are made by craftsmen, and the market is obtained by high-quality products. Only in this way can an enterprise become a winner in the fierce market competition.