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OMG EV cable (rated current capacity analysis)

Date:2016/10/29 15:38:44

With the development of electric vehicles, the high-voltage line, as a key component for conducting current, has attracted more and more attention. Through proper selection, not only can meet the needs of vehicle design safety, but also can reduce the cost to a certain extent, and the selection of high-voltage line is directly related to the rated ampacity.

According to the calculation formula of rated ampacity:

奥美格 只为安全(一):电动汽车高压线缆的额定载流量分析

Among them:

I: Rated ampacity

Tc: rated temperature

Ta: ambient temperature

R: Conductor resistance at rated temperature

R1: Total thermal resistance of the insulator

R2: Resistance to heat dissipation on the surface

OMG EV cable (rated current capacity analysis)

  Analysis: The rated ampacity of the cable is proportional to the difference between the rated temperature and the ambient temperature, and inversely proportional to the conductor resistance. Through carrying current tests on cables of different specifications, we know that different insulation outer diameters and different insulation thicknesses also have certain effects on the current-carrying capacity. Also, the current-carrying capacity is greatly affected by the wiring method and the space around the wiring. In other words, whether the wiring is through pipes or exposed in the air, it is single wiring, double wiring, and three wirings; whether the wiring space is large or small will affect the current carrying capacity.

 OMG EV cable (rated current capacity analysis)

Figure 1 (OMG experiment)

   Test the current-carrying capacity of the cable through the high-power current output device at room temperature (as shown in Figure 1) and the analysis and comparison of the current-carrying formula. After appropriate modification of the current-carrying formula, the final results are more realistic. Through long-term analysis of each specification cable, the rated current carrying capacity is obtained respectively, and through the formula, the rated current-carrying curves of different specifications of cables under different ambient temperatures are produced (see Figure 2).

OMG EV cable (rated current capacity analysis)

  Figure 2 (OMG products)

It is hoped that through the above analysis of the rated current-carrying capacity of high-voltage cables for electric vehicles, it will provide a reference for those in need. Specific analysis of the specific situation, if you have related questions, you may wish to leave a message to discuss. "OMG is only for safety", Aomega makes security products.