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OMG EV Cables (Product Quality)

Date:2016/3/25 16:21:07

Quality is the life and soul of an enterprise.

Quality is the life of an enterprise. "Survival by quality, development by variety (credibility)" has become the strategic goal of the development of the majority of enterprises. On the day when the market economy is increasingly developed, product quality is becoming more and more important to enterprises. The level of product quality is one of the manifestations of whether the company has core competitiveness. Improving product quality is to ensure that the company has a market and can continue to operate. An important means for an enterprise to grow bigger and stronger. Based on enhancing the potential for innovation, the enterprise needs to strive to improve the quality of its products. It does not pay attention to product quality. Eventually, it will be difficult to achieve, and it will fail.

Just for safety are the essence of OMG, the attitude of OMG development, and the focus of product quality.

Design quality
OMG comprehensively introduces and implements ISO9000 and TS16949 product quality control systems. It also participates in the drafting of national standards and obtains all certifications in the field of new energy. It cooperates with the Harbin Institute of Technology and enterprises to master the core technology of cable professionals.

details decide the quality. Ogilvy is particularly strict with product details. It is the routine of the quality department to repeat the experiment on the details several times.

Production quality
In the production process, OMG employees standardize their production and implement the concept of safety only.


Ogilvy pays attention to market demand, and cooperates closely with several automobile manufacturers to jointly develop and meet the needs of product lightweight and safety, and constantly pays attention to and meets market needs.