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Selection Guide for High Voltage Cables for New Energy Vehicles

Date:2024/6/19 2:14:20

The selection of high-voltage cables for new energy vehicles should take into account factors such as the cable's conductivity, heat resistance, ability to withstand environmental impacts, and safety standards. The following are some specific recommendations:

1. Selection according to the temperature rise curve and conductor characteristics:
- It is necessary to refer to the current-voltage values and consider the rated voltage and peak current.
- Combine with the ambient temperature and the maximum permissible temperature of the insulator to select the appropriate cable cross-section area.

2. Apply the calculation formula:
- Use the formula to calculate the required conductor cross-sectional area to ensure that the temperature rise of the cable does not exceed the permissible range at the rated current.

3. Consider the characteristics of the application occasions of the cable:
- High-voltage cables are used to connect the charging port with the battery, inside the battery, the battery with the engine and other components, so it is necessary to consider the conditions of small wiring space, high current and high voltage, high and low temperature environment.

4. Meet environmental and safety requirements:
- Choose cables that meet environmental and safety standards such as low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant to adapt to the harsh conditions such as salt spray, electromagnetic fields, oil and chemicals that may be encountered in the car driving environment.

5. Refer to commonly used standards:
- Understand and follow the common standards for high voltage cables for new energy vehicles to ensure that the performance of the cables meets industry requirements.

In summary, when selecting high-voltage cables for new energy vehicles, attention should be paid to the performance parameters of the cables to ensure that they can adapt to the complex in-vehicle environment and a variety of working conditions, while complying with the relevant safety and environmental standards.OMG', as an excellent international company, has been deeply engaged in the field of electric vehicle cables for decades and has an experienced team. You can contact our cable experts for detailed product data and professional advice to ensure accurate selection and cable reliability.

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