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OMG' Water Cooling Technology: Advancing Efficient Charging for Electric Vehicles

Date:2024/5/15 0:44:47

The development and application of high-power water-cooled charging cables not only improves the charging efficiency but also enhances the safety of the charging process, which is of great significance in promoting the development of the electric vehicle industry. As technology continues to advance, future charging cables are likely to feature more innovations in materials, design and functionality to meet the needs of the growing electric vehicle market.


1. High power power transmission: suitable for fast charging needs, capable of carrying high current and enhancing charging efficiency. 


2. water cooling system: adopts high thermal conductivity cooling medium circulating in the pipeline to effectively reduce the temperature and provide higher power transmission capacity.


3. Prevent overheating: quickly take away the heat generated by the cable and keep it at a low temperature to improve the safety and stability of the charging process.


4. Advanced materials and design: make the cable size lighter and more flexible, reduce weight and volume, improve portability and installation flexibility.


5. shielding technology: effectively reduce external electromagnetic interference, improve the stability and reliability of the charging system.


Role in electric vehicle charging system:

- Meet the demand for fast charging and provide an efficient, safe and stable charging experience.

- High power transmission capability, significant cooling effect, lightweight and flexible size and strong anti-interference capability make it an ideal choice.


OMG' is committed to creating advanced, safe and high-quality water-cooled charging cables, its products have obtained the European standard, American standard, in line with RoHS 2.0 & REACH environmental protection standards, with good resistance to acid and alkali, oil and water, dragging and dragging, abrasion resistance, anti-cracking performance; excellent flexibility and sealing performance. With the technological progress and application promotion, the importance of high-power water-cooled charging cable in the field of electric vehicle fast charging will be increasing.