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What is the focus of EV charging cable selection for charging post manufacturers?

Date:2024/3/27 3:26:35

With the rapid development of the electric vehicle market, charging pile manufacturers face many considerations when selecting charging cables. In this paper, we will discuss the selection focus of charging cables from the perspective of charging pile manufacturers, in order to help charging pile manufacturers make better choices.

Safety: Charging cables, as an important part of the EV charging system, must have a high degree of safety. Manufacturers should prioritize cables that comply with international safety standards, such as IEC 62893 and UL 2263. In addition, the quality of the cable's insulation and connectors are also key factors in ensuring safety.

Durability: Charging cables are often unplugged and bent, so durability is an important factor that manufacturers should consider when selecting cables. Quality cables should be made of high-strength materials and have properties such as resistance to stretching, stress and high temperature to ensure stability and reliability for long-term use.

Charging efficiency: charging cables should have good conductivity to improve charging efficiency. Manufacturers should choose cables with low resistance and high conductivity to minimize energy loss and charging time and improve the user's charging experience.

Adaptability: Charging standards may vary from region to region and country to country, so manufacturers need to select cables that can adapt to multiple standards. Flexibility and compatibility are key factors for manufacturers to consider when selecting cables to meet the needs of different markets.

To summarize, charging pile manufacturers should focus on safety, durability, charging efficiency and adaptability when choosing charging cables.OMG' has been embedded in the electric vehicle cable industry for more than 14 years, providing charging application technology for the global charging market. OMG's products and services are available in more than 40 countries and regions, and we strive to be a first-class charging cable solution provider, helping customers to understand the design principles of charging cables, safety standards and certification requirements, as well as material selection and performance evaluation. OMG' helps charging pile enterprises to better select the charging cables that fit the actual application requirements and improve product quality and user experience.

EN 50620, IEC62893 EV charging cable (Suitable for Type 2 and CCS2)