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How to choose between shielded and unshielded high voltage cables?

Date:2024/3/26 1:21:26

There are shielded and unshielded high-voltage cables for electric vehicles, and the choice depends largely on the specific application requirements.


In the outer layer of the conductor using copper or aluminum and other metals such as braided strands, copper tape, non-woven spiral winding or conductive polymer layer constitutes a shielded cable is wrapped up. Not only to avoid interference signals into the inner layer of the conductor for interference, but also to prevent the conductor itself to the outer radiation of electromagnetic interference. Mainly used in anti-electromagnetic interference, the requirement of good shielding. Especially in electric cars with ultra-high current and voltage, operation will produce a large electromagnetic induction phenomenon, the need for good shielding performance of the wire to prevent automotive electronic equipment by the impact of electrical interference. However, braided mesh shielding does not provide 100% coverage because there are always small gaps in the braid covering the wire surface. Depending on the tightness of the braid, braided mesh can usually provide 70% to 95% coverage.OMG's Electric Vehicle Shielded High Voltage Cables are shielded with an aluminum foil stranded braid, which provides good shielding performance.


In most cases, unshielded cables are chosen when wiring away from sources of interference. Unshielded cables are characterized by lightweight, flexible and high performance. And non-shielded cables are easy to install, more versatile, but also has a high degree of reliability, the price is relatively shielded cable is also cheaper.


OMG' has been thickly planted in the field of cables for electric vehicles for 27 years, providing customers with professional electric vehicle cable solutions.OMG' high-voltage cables have passed several performance tests to guarantee the safety and reliability of cable use. The products are characterized by softness, bending radius up to 5D or less; high and low temperature resistance, oil and water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, crack resistance, UV resistance; good flame retardancy; good electrical conductivity, low conductor temperature rise; and all the materials comply with the latest environmental protection standards of ROHS 2.0 & REACH. Not only that, but also obtained international standard certificates such as LV216, ISO19642, QC/T 1037, UL758, etc. We have also introduced enterprise standards which are higher than the industry standards. Customers can choose or contact our cable engineers to customize cable solutions that better meet their needs. 

Single core shielded cable(UL758 EV high voltage cable)