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What properties should a high quality charging cable have?

Date:2024/3/22 0:47:30

As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, high quality charging cables become a key element in ensuring safe and efficient charging. An excellent charging cable should have the following important properties:


Safety : A high-quality charging cable must have excellent safety features. It should be able to effectively isolate the high-voltage power supply, preventing current leakage and the risk of electric shock. In addition, the charging cable should have overload protection, short-circuit protection and temperature control to ensure a safe and reliable charging process.


Durability Charging cables are subjected to frequent plugging, unplugging and bending, so their durability is very important. High-quality charging cables should be made of high-temperature and abrasion-resistant materials that can withstand long periods of use without breaking or being damaged.


Transmission efficiency: The transmission efficiency of the charging cable is directly related to the charging speed and charging effect. High-quality charging cables should feature low resistance and low loss to maximise power transmission efficiency, reduce energy loss and achieve fast charging.


Compatibility: As different electric vehicles may adopt different charging standards and interfaces, a high-quality charging cable should have good compatibility. It should be able to adapt to a variety of charging standards, such as DC fast charging, AC slow charging, etc., and be able to make stable connections with various types of charging piles and charging equipment.


Waterproof and dustproof: Considering that the charging process may take place outdoors or in harsh environments, high-quality charging cables should have good waterproof and dustproof performance, preventing moisture, dust and other external substances from entering the cable to ensure charging safety and reliability.


Length and flexibility: The length and flexibility of the charging cable are also important considerations. The right length can meet the charging needs in different scenarios, while good flexibility can facilitate the user's operation and storage.


In addition to this, charging cables should be manufactured in accordance with industry standards to meet the charging needs of EV users and to ensure a safe and efficient charging process.OMG' provides customised EV charging cable solutions with its professional technical experience and team, focusing on the industry certification of its products.OMG' charging cables have received European Standard, American Standard, Japanese Standard, Chinese Standard and other certifications. They are flexible and feel good; oil and water resistant, abrasion and tensile resistant, acid and alkali resistant, UV resistant; good flame retardant; and resistant to bending for more than 50,000 times, etc., which ensures the charging process is efficient and safe.