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More lightweight design|UL certified charging cable

Date:2024/3/21 0:31:09

OMG'UL certified charging cables include conventional products and the new NACS series of off-standard nylon constructions, with the low-temperature soft material series of cables certified for -50°C low temperature.

UL EV charging cable (Suitable for NACS、Type 1 and CCS1)


Regular Products

Includes two items, traditional construction and standard nylon, of which the standard nylon series enables the wire diameter to be reduced compared with the traditional construction. The rated temperature is between -40~105°C, which has better temperature resistance. In addition to the conventional performance test, swing test is also added, and the thermal deformation and low temperature impact test of the sheath are relatively severe to ensure that the products have good mechanical properties.

Non-standard nylon structure

Designed in accordance with the NACS standard, which is recognised by a number of automotive manufacturers such as GM and Ford, as well as major charging station operators, it further amplifies the advantages of small wire diameter and light weight to enhance the convenience of charging operations.


OMG', as an international outstanding enterprise, keeps abreast of the changes in industry standards and market demands, and focuses on cable performance testing and certification to provide global customers with better quality products and more professional services.