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EN, IEC standard charging cables | OMG' provides more professional electric vehicle charging solutions

Date:2024/3/20 2:15:13

EN 50620, IEC62893 EV charging cable (Suitable for Type 2 and CCS2)



OMG' European standard AC charging cables are manufactured with reference to EN 50620:2017 and IEC 62893-3:2017 dual standards, and DC charging cables are manufactured with reference to IEC 62893-4-1:2020 standards, and are certified by DEKRA and TUV. AC charging cables also include spring cable series, providing more choices for charging application scenarios.


The environmental factors in charging cable applications are complex and varied, and it is difficult to avoid frequent stretching, bending or crushing of cables by vehicles during use. This requires charging cables to have special properties such as oil and water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, UV resistance, etc. and mechanical properties such as resistance to extrusion, bending and dragging, etc. OMG' has strict technical requirements for its products, and the electrical properties, structural dimensions, insulating properties, sheaths, and finished products of the European standard charging cables have gone through a series of well-established tests, to ensure the safety and reliability of the products.


As an outstanding international company, OMG' provides each customer with electric vehicle charging cable solutions that meet their actual needs, thanks to its experienced technical team and its high demand for product quality.