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ISO 19642 High-voltage cables: guaranteeing vehicle performance and safety

Date:2024/3/18 3:44:44

OMG's in-vehicle high-voltage cables are manufactured in accordance with the international standard ISO 19642 and are certified by E-MARK, a certification system for vehicle components and system parts issued by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), which imposes stringent requirements on safety and environmental protection and applies to the whole world, including non-European Union countries. Products that have passed this certification are recognised by ECE member countries in terms of quality and are more accepted by the European market.


OMG's ISO 19642 high voltage cables are rated between -40℃~+(125℃, 150℃), the insulation material is XLPE, and all the materials used are in accordance with RoHS 2.0 & REACH environmental standards. It is not only soft, abrasion-resistant, oil-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, but also has excellent anti-cracking properties and electrical conductivity, and the temperature rise of the conductor under the rated current in room temperature test does not exceed 30℃.


In addition, the cable flame retardant grade VW-1, and in -40°C/4H low-temperature winding test, the cable surface does not crack, no cracks, can pass the thermal overload of the cable temperature resistance grade +50 ℃, has a better flame retardant properties and high and low temperature resistance, to achieve the cable to withstand the use of various types of environments in the car.


OMG' has the R&D spirit of "Green Innovation", and has been deeply cultivating in the field of new energy vehicle cables for many years, with experienced and mature team and technology. Our high-voltage cables can be used as the main carrier of electric vehicle power output, providing high-voltage power supply to ensure the performance and safety of the whole vehicle.


ISO19642 HV Cable