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How does a liquid-cooled charging system actually solve "charging anxiety"?

Date:2023/7/12 8:48:07

At present, and limited to land resources, power grids and investment intensity and other differences, CITIC Securities said that in the next five years, China's new energy vehicle energy market will still maintain the "charging-based, power switching as a complementary" pattern. Not only in China, many countries and regions are also the charging on the top of the means of replenishment. This requires charging technology to keep up with the needs of the times. Liquid-cooled charging system is the best answer to the "charging anxiety" in the consumer market.


Anxiety #1: Charging too slowly

The liquid-cooled charging system is designed to be different from conventional air-cooled systems. A coolant circulation channel is set up in the interior to take away extra heat directly during charging. The high specific heat capacity and high thermal conductivity of the coolant make the heat dissipation efficiency have a qualitative leap. Liquid-cooled piles with cars that support high-power charging can easily accomplish high-power charging. With the support of liquid-cooled supercharging, the exponential increase in charging speed has become a reality.


Anxiety #2: Charging is unsafe

Liquid-cooled charging system is separated from inside and outside, unlike air-cooled charging system which relies on heat exchange with outside air circulation, the internal core parts of liquid-cooled charging pile are sealed. No matter whether it is high temperature or humidity outside, or heavy dust and salt fog, it will not affect the normal operation of the liquid-cooled charging pile. This ensures the safety and stability of the charging equipment, and also reduces the operator's expenditure on daily maintenance and replacement of equipment.


Anxiety #3: Chargers work noisily

Charging equipment as infrastructure is now gradually becoming standard in neighborhoods, office buildings, social service areas and other places. And many of these places have requirements for area noise. Liquid cooling heat dissipation is the use of liquid medium flow to transport heat, almost silent charging experience. There is no need to worry about noise pollution in practical applications.


Anxiety #4: Overweight charging cables

Unlike regular gas stations that will have staff to help with the operation, many public charging stations set up in parking lots or home charging stations installed in homes require vehicle owners to go through the charging process themselves. This is a direct requirement for the charging equipment to feel good to use. Charging cables for high power fast charging are generally thicker and heavier, which is not convenient for users' daily operation, especially for female users. Liquid-cooled charging cables, on the other hand, guarantee the charging power while the weight of the gun cable is only half of the conventional one. Therefore, from the moment the user picks up the charging gun, the "charging anxiety" has been eliminated.


OMG' pairs with professional technical knowledge and industry experience, independent research and development production of high-power liquid-cooled charging system. OMG' strictly in accordance with the high quality and high requirements of the production standards, to ensure that the products provided to customers to complete the full range of performance testing, suitable for most of the vehicles on the market for super-charging, to facilitate the user's daily trips to replenish energy. In order to ensure that the products and services provided are more in line with user needs, OMG' also provides customized charging cable solutions. All of its cables have obtained international certifications such as National Standard, European Standard and American Standard. You can contact us for more information about our services:  Leo@omgevcable.com


The development of electric vehicles cannot be separated from the rapid changes in charging technology. The "charging anxiety" in the market is actually an opportunity for the industry to make progress. I believe that with the continuous innovation and optimization of charging technology and equipment, people can experience a more convenient and safer travel.


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