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Liquid-cooled charging system adds speed to new energy vehicle development

Date:2023/6/21 1:02:09

Today, due to the world consensus of green and sustainable development and the development and utilization of clean energy, new energy trams are the inevitable development trend as the main tool for people to travel in the future. But the transformation of anything is not so easy, new energy trams want to become mainstream, we must obtain the trust of consumers, so that users with peace of mind.

At this stage, for many car owners, the low charging efficiency has caused a lot of trouble for them to travel. Even for many users who have not yet chosen an electric car, the reason they are deterred is that they are worried about the safety of charging their cars. At present, the liquid-cooled charging system is the industry's solution to the "charging anxiety" problem.

In fact, the principle of trying to improve charging efficiency is very simple. According to the formula "power = current x voltage", the greater the current or voltage, the greater the electrical power, so that the car's full charge time will naturally be shortened. But to complete the above conditions, we must first find an effective evacuation channel for the extra heat brought by the increased current and voltage. Through experimental comparison, the cooling efficiency of liquid cooling is much higher than air cooling, and the heat transferred per unit media volume is hundreds of times higher, which effectively meets the high-density heat dissipation demand. And because the refrigerant channel is added inside the overall equipment, making the liquid-cooled charging gun and cable smaller and lighter in weight. It can upgrade the user experience, especially friendly to the owners with small strength.

The liquid-cooled charging system adopts a special compartmentalized design, so that the internal core parts of the machine are not subject to external interference. It guarantees the safety and stability of the system and at the same time reduces the daily operation and maintenance costs. The external low-speed fan is then used to blow away the heat gathered on the heat sink. The noise generated in this way is very small, and even if the machine works under the residential building at night, it will not be a nuisance to people.

At present, many charging companies at home and abroad are aiming at the research and development of liquid-cooled charging systems. The liquid-cooled charging cables developed by OMG' and FAFA·E can increase the charging efficiency of cars from 250A to 700A, and the high-power charging liquid-cooled sources and liquid-cooled charging cables are helpful to improve the charging efficiency of charging piles and complete high-power car charging. And the products have all undergone a series of performance tests to fully meet the safety and quality requirements for actual launch.

The development of new energy vehicles is the way to promote the country from a large automotive country to a strong automotive country, and the charging technology to keep pace with the times is to increase its speed. In addition, the popularity of charging facilities in urban and rural areas and the deepening transformation of the vehicle end system are also the key points that the tram industry needs to grasp. It is believed that more and more users will believe and choose new energy vehicles in the future, and the charging industry of electric vehicles will become more and more prosperous.

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