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Liquid-cooled charging technology helps achieve ideal charging

Date:2023/6/19 6:07:21

With the development of social economy, the automobile also enters the transformation stage. Electric vehicles, which are more in line with the concept of green and sustainable development of society, are gaining more and more people's favor. In recent years, the global electric vehicle market has been growing rapidly. This has promoted the rapid development of the global new energy economy, and has also put forward new requirements for the upgrading and optimization of electric vehicle-related facilities.

For charging, the ideal charging method is "faster, lighter, quieter and less costly". Liquid-cooled charging technology is the best to meet these requirements.

Liquid cooling charging technology is an efficient way to dissipate heat from charging. It uses a coolant circulation system to drive the refrigerant for real-time temperature control and precise cooling of the charging end, and is connected to an external radiator to bring out the heat of the internal parts through the coolant. This way can ensure the safety of the charging end under high power charging. Now the liquid-cooled charging system has achieved "just five minutes to keep the car going for 200 kilometers".

In addition to the safety and efficiency of charging, there are many advantages of liquid-cooled charging system. For example, the weight and volume of liquid-cooled charging guns and cables are reduced by half compared to conventional ones, saving companies' production and transportation costs. The working sound of liquid-cooled charging system is less than 60dB, which will not cause nuisance even in residential areas and office areas where it is relatively quiet. And the sealed design of liquid-cooled system makes the liquid-cooled charging post can be used in the harsh environment of low temperature, humidity and heavy salt spray. It does not need to open the cabinet regularly to remove dust, which has a longer service life and significantly reduces the daily maintenance and replacement cost of charging post operators.

OMG' focuses on the field of liquid-cooled charging technology upgrade and optimization, specializing in providing first-class new energy charging application technology for enterprises and users. Users can use OMG's liquid-cooled charging gun line to upgrade charging efficiency from 250A to 700A, which largely saves the operation and maintenance cost of charging post operators. Applicable to most models of electric vehicle charging requirements on the market, whether it is the domestic market or international markets such as Europe and the United States, you can be assured that you can choose OMG'.

500A liquid-cooled charging connector