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How does the liquid-cooled charging system optimize the charging experience?

Date:2023/6/19 2:23:26

With the rapid growth of new energy tram ownership in recent years, the charging industry is also facing huge challenges. The low penetration rate of charging piles, low power, high noise, resulting in users not being able to charge, not fast, not good, poor charging experience; and enterprises also face the same business difficulties, low utilization rate of charging equipment, charging pile module annual failure rate, etc.. Charging technology upgrade has been imminent, in order to create a new generation of charging infrastructure, liquid-cooled charging system into the people's vision.

The liquid-cooled charging system adopts liquid-cooled heat dissipation to support high-current stable output and achieve super fast charging for high-power vehicles at the charging end. Compared with traditional air-cooled charging piles, the super-charging mode supported by liquid-cooled charging technology can charge 30% more under the same operating conditions, and the total life-cycle cost (TCO) of liquid-cooled charging piles is reduced by 40%, without daily opening and dusting, and the service life reaches nearly 10 years.

Not only that, the liquid-cooled charging system improves the success rate of one charge; and the working noise of liquid-cooled charging pile is lower than 60dB, knowing that the working noise of conventional air-cooled pile is as high as 70~80dB, which causes a great noise nuisance, so the liquid-cooled charging pile is more suitable for general promotion.

It is worth mentioning that many people are worried that the charging power will be increased, the charging gun and cable will not be heavier. Because in the case of self-charging, the existing charging equipment has made it difficult for many users with little strength to use. But on the contrary, the liquid-cooled charging system improves charging efficiency while also making the equipment lighter, with liquid-cooled charging cables at least 40% to 50% lighter than conventional cables. It really puts the optimization of charging experience into practice.

Liquid-cooled charging system is a high-quality and sustainable charging solution. OMG' is positioned to become a world-class provider of new energy charging application technology, based on consumer demand and keeping pace with market changes, optimizing the charging ecology through technological innovation to achieve higher revenue for operators and faster and more convenient car charging.

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