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Liquid-cooled charging systems are more suitable for the charging needs of the automotive market

Date:2023/6/15 6:03:54

The problem of "difficult charging" has been plaguing tram users and operators since the promotion of new energy trams. In recent years, with the continuous increase of electric vehicle ownership, this problem has become more and more obvious. The current construction of charging facilities has been increasing, but it is still far from meeting the market demand. Especially during the peak travel period of holidays, many users have to wait in line for charging, which provides a wide space for charging equipment manufacturers and service providers to develop. The charging industry needs to continue to innovate and introduce more efficient and intelligent charging equipment to meet the needs of users. Liquid-cooled charging system is more suitable for the current market demand.

First of all, the liquid-cooled charging system relies on a high specific heat and high conductivity refrigerant circulating on the internal pipes of the cable. The liquid flow brings the heat to the external radiator to complete the heat exchange, so that the high-power charging work can run normally and meet the market demand for super fast charging.OMG's liquid-cooled charging gun has two kinds of liquid media: water-cooled and oil-cooled. The water medium has better heat dissipation and is more widely used, while the oil medium is more viscous, safer and more reliable.

Secondly, different charging interfaces and standards also bring a lot of trouble to users, requiring them to spend more time and effort to choose and find the right charging facilities for their devices. But this should be a problem that charging companies should solve.OMG, as a provider of new energy charging application technology with human-oriented and green development, develops and manufactures its liquid-cooled charging guns based on IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001 standard, all of which have passed a series of performance tests such as corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and are suitable for most models on the market.

Finally, the difficulty of charging is a problem that needs to be solved by the joint efforts of many parties in society. OMG' is committed to becoming a global first-class provider of new energy charging application technology, actively participating in and promoting the development of the charging industry, and continuously improving the quality and service level of charging equipment. We provide 350kw liquid-cooled charging cable retrofit solutions that can reduce operating costs for enterprises and customize products according to the different requirements of charging pile enterprises and car manufacturers.

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