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Talking about liquid-cooled charging system from the perspective of charging post operation

Date:2023/6/15 1:07:10

The main problems of charging piles at this stage include uneven distribution of charging piles, insufficient charging piles during peak travel times, and low charging efficiency. The problems of charging piles bring bad experience to car users in daily use, and make charging pile operators bear more cost burden. The liquid-cooled charging pile, which relies on liquid-cooled charging system to complete super charging, can break through these problems to a large extent.


Liquid-cooled charging systems are highly efficient and increase operator revenue:

High power charging will generate more heat. The traditional air-cooled system has low heat dissipation efficiency, heat buildup and external pollution easily lead to parts damage, then need higher heat-carrying and faster cooling methods. Liquid-cooled charging cables are equipped with coolant flow pipes. During charging work, the continuously circulating liquid can cool down the conductor in real time, and the temperature control effect is good enough to support the high power charging of the car. Under the same time period, the number of cars using liquid-cooled piles to complete charging far exceeds the number of cars using air-cooled piles. This not only reduces the waiting time for users, but also increases the actual revenue for operators.


Long life and high stability of liquid-cooled charging equipment, saving operation and maintenance costs:

The liquid-cooled charging post adopts the sealed design with separate internal and external compartments, so that the heat dissipation work is not affected by the external environment and the safety performance of the system is kept in the best condition. The average service life of a liquid-cooled charging post can reach more than 10 years, and there is no need to open the equipment regularly for inspection and dust removal during daily operation. This reduces the cost of equipment replacement and routine maintenance for operators.


Liquid-cooled charging guns and cables are lightweight, reducing production and transportation costs for companies:

The core cross-sectional area of liquid-cooled charging cables is smaller than that of conventional cables of the same power, and the overall weight is reduced by 50%. It is more convenient for users to use while reducing the production and transportation costs of enterprises.


OMG' vigorously develops and produces advanced liquid-cooled charging systems for new energy vehicles, serving charging post manufacturers, charging post operators and car manufacturers. We provide 350KW liquid charging cable retrofit solution can help companies to significantly reduce operating costs. The high-power charging liquid cooling source and liquid cooling charging cable are even helpful to improve the charging efficiency of charging piles and complete high-power vehicle charging. And the products have all undergone a series of performance tests to fully meet the safety and quality requirements of actual launch.

500A liquid-cooled charging connector