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Liquid-cooled supercharging system better solves the problem of charging anxiety

Date:2023/6/14 2:25:16

According to the "2022 China Electric Vehicle User Charging Behavior White Paper", 72% of tram users prefer 120kw and above high-power charging piles; there are slow charging and few charging stations on highways. "Charging anxiety" has become a major pain point for the development of new energy vehicles. Therefore, to improve charging efficiency and convenience, and optimize the user charging experience is an urgent matter in the industry. The research and development of liquid-cooled super-charging technology is precisely in line with this point.

The four most important advantages of liquid-cooled boosting systems:

1. Support for high power charging at high speeds;

2. Lightness of charging equipment;

3. Fast heat dissipation, high safety and stability;

4. Realization of "0 noise" charging experience.

Nowadays, many new charging stations are choosing liquid-cooled charging posts. It not only meets the needs of users for fast charging, but also improves the safety of the equipment and extends the use cycle. "5 minutes charging, 200 km range" is no longer a slogan, but has become a reality. Many consumers say that after using the liquid-cooled charging pile, the car charging is completed in the time it takes to watch a short video. In addition, the liquid-cooled charging pile has the advantages of low noise and adapting to various complex environments.

The research and development of liquid-cooled supercharging technology is difficult and requires a lot of investment in human and financial resources. Therefore, there is still a long way to go to promote it on a large scale. But for the new energy field, at least the main direction of vigorous development of liquid-cooled supercharging has been determined. FAFA·E, as a new enterprise of new energy technology research and development, has been deeply engaged in the field of liquid-cooled charging technology for many years before its official registration, and has reached a strategic cooperation with OMG', a new energy charging application technology provider, based on providing users with high-quality liquid-cooled charging solutions.Its products include high-power charging liquid-cooled source, liquid-cooled gun line, etc. It can also customize different products according to users' requirements. Our 350kw liquid-cooled charging cable retrofitting method can help charging post operators reduce operating costs to a large extent.

In the future, liquid-cooled supercharging technology will accelerate penetration into all aspects of new energy vehicle research and development, truly solve users' charging pile anxiety, promote the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and enhance consumer confidence in electric vehicles.

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