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Liquid-cooled charging technology provides innovative power for electric vehicle development

Date:2023/6/13 3:21:41

Advanced technology requires strong funding to support research and development. Liquid-cooled charging technology is a technology that is well worth investing money to promote for the new energy vehicle charging industry. The reasons are as follows:


1.Liquid-cooled charging cable is currently the best choice to support high-power fast charging

The principle of liquid-cooled heat dissipation is to set up a channel inside the cable and charging gun specifically for coolant circulation, using a pump to push the coolant to flow and circulate inside the device, thus bringing the heat to the external heat sink. The thermal conductivity of the coolant is much higher than that of air, so naturally the heat dissipation efficiency of liquid-cooled charging is greater than that of natural cooling. Therefore, the current liquid-cooled charging technology can best meet the high-density heat dissipation needs of super fast charging, and almost all fast charging piles on the market are equipped with liquid-cooled charging cables.


2.Liquid-cooled charging gun cuts weight in half for better charging experience

When upgrading the electrical power, the traditional cable is required to expand the conductor cross-sectional area to increase the load capacity and also to prevent the cable from overheating. But the special design and working principle of the liquid-cooled charging cable, not only to ensure high-power charging and high heat dissipation at the same time, but also can do to reduce the weight of the charging gun and cable. For users are easy to complete the charging independently, greatly enhancing the charging happiness.


3.Liquid-cooled charging equipment is suitable for various harsh environments, reducing the burden of operating costs for enterprises

The liquid-cooled charging system is designed with internal and external partitioning, so that dust and humidity from outside do not affect the core parts, ensuring a stable and safe working environment for a long time and prolonging the service life of the equipment. Therefore, liquid-cooled charging equipment can be used in rainy and humid areas or areas where the air quality is not good enough, which also reduces the cost of daily operation and maintenance for enterprises.


4.Low noise pollution

Since the popularity of the charging pile infrastructure, there have been many residents responding to the noise of the charging pile in the community is too loud. Even if there are other sounds intermingled during the day, the sound of powerful fans turning can be heard clearly, and this problem is even more serious at night. This is the drawback of conventional air-cooled charging piles. The liquid-cooled charging piles mainly take away heat through the flow of liquid, which can almost achieve 0 noise.


5.High stability and security

The liquid-cooled charging system can react more quickly to the heat of the device and achieve accurate control of the real-time temperature of the charging device, improving its safety and stability.


Liquid-cooled charging technology is currently the charging mode that both meets the market demand for fast charging and maximizes charging safety. OMG' is committed to becoming a global first-class provider of charging technology for new energy science applications, and since its inception has adhered to the business philosophy of sustainable development and cultivation of talent, putting the needs of customers first. Our 500A liquid-cooled charging system meets the high-power charging needs of most vehicle models in actual application, and also supports product customization for different customer needs, providing innovative and sustainable power to promote the development of electric vehicles.

500A liquid-cooled charging connector