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What liquid-cooled charging technology brings to the promotion of new energy vehicles?

Date:2023/6/13 1:42:38

The promotion of new energy vehicles can reduce the cost of national oil and gas imports to a certain extent, and is also in line with the concept of green and sustainable development. However, if new energy vehicles want to be commonly used in people's lives, besides the vehicles themselves, the guarantee of charging infrastructure is also a top priority.

Liquid cooling charging technology is one of the key points to support high power charging. The high specific heat coolant is used as a medium to establish a circulation channel inside the charging cable, which can quickly take away a large amount of heat through the flow of liquid during high current and high voltage charging to prevent thermal damage to machine parts. Liquid-cooled charging technology is extremely in line with the consumer market's demand for fast charging, and is also greener and more energy efficient. The efficiency of liquid-cooled charging posts can reach over 96%, which is conducive to sustainable development and improving the energy efficiency standard of tram charging.

And while increasing the charging power, the liquid-cooled charging gun and cable can also achieve weight reduction, greatly optimizing the user's experience in daily charging. Especially for owners with less strength, they can easily pick up the liquid-cooled charging gun. The sealed design prevents external influence on the internal parts, making the liquid-cooled charger suitable for a variety of harsh environments. There is also no need to open the box to remove dust on a daily basis, and the life of the equipment is up to 10 years or more. The use of liquid-cooled system greatly reduces the operation and maintenance costs of operators.

In summary, liquid-cooled technology plays a positive role in promoting the development of new energy vehicles and is the direction that the charging industry will focus on for a long time to come.Based on providing advanced liquid-cooled charging solutions for users and enterprises, FAFA·E has already cooperated with OMG', the world's leading provider of new energy charging application technology, in 2022 to focus on developing liquid-cooled charging systems. We can provide 350kw liquid-cooled charging cable retrofit solutions, and customize products according to customer needs to meet different practical application requirements.

Although the electric car is only a part of new energy vehicles, but is the new energy green travel field "knocking brick", liquid cooling technology for users to bring a better experience of charging, but also for new energy tram development speed.

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