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Liquid-cooled charging system helps transform and upgrade charging piles

Date:2023/6/12 2:58:05

In the past two years, global electric vehicle sales have been growing at a high rate, but traditional charging posts in the market have problems such as low charging efficiency, heavy charging guns and cables, and serious noise pollution. The lack of power supply in the charging market has led many users into an "awkward charging" situation. Therefore, charging facilities should also keep up with the market requirements. According to statistics, it is estimated that the number of charging posts will continue to grow from 2023 onwards and the charging system will face a renewal situation. High-voltage fast charging + high-current liquid-cooled charging technology empowers equipment such as charging modules, charging guns and cables.

The reason why liquid-cooled charging technology can be the best way to dissipate heat to support super fast charging is that the liquid-cooled system has a separate internal refrigerant circulation channel, and the pump provides power to push the coolant to bring the heat from the machine components to the external heat sink. Due to the qualities of coolant with high specific heat capacity and high thermal conductivity, super fast charging at high voltage and high current can be achieved. 

The liquid-cooled charging system also delivers a satisfactory answer to the problem of "heavy charging cable" and "noisy charging post" as reflected by users. The weight of the liquid-cooled gun and the liquid-cooled cord is only half of the original, so even users with little strength can pick up the charging gun and charge with one hand. The sound of liquid-cooled pile charging is ≤35db, which is suitable for noise-sensitive scenarios such as residential areas and office education areas. Advanced liquid-cooled technology helps energy saving and emission reduction, low-carbon green development, and accelerates the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. In summary, liquid-cooled charging technology is extremely in line with the trend of sustainable social development.

As a professional liquid-cooled charging system manufacturer, FAFA·E cooperates with OMG', a well-known new energy charging application technology provider in China, and has been deeply engaged in the field of liquid-cooled charging technology for many years before its official registration, developing high-power charging liquid-cooled sources, liquid-cooled charging sockets, 250A and 500A liquid-cooled cables to meet the daily fast charging needs of most vehicles.

In a fast-paced society, there is a growing demand for fast charging posts and an increasing demand for their charging efficiency. Although many families can have the conditions to buy a car, they do not necessarily have the conditions to be able to install home charging piles. Therefore, there is a large gap in the public fast charging pile market, which lays the market foundation for the future development direction of charging pile enterprises. Liquid-cooled charging technology provides innovative power for fast charging piles.

High power charging liquid cooling source