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Liquid-cooled charging system: A more suitable charging method for future electric vehicles

Date:2023/6/12 1:16:56

Electric vehicles are now the first choice for many people to purchase a car, and are also a product of resource integration in line with the green development of society. "Short charging time and long range" is the ideal charging mode for most people. Now, it seems to be coming into reality. Liquid-cooled charging technology as an important driving force for the future development of new energy vehicles, is also the focus of the industry competition.

Liquid-cooled charging technology is suitable for high heat dissipation demand scenarios because a complete internal circulation channel is set up at the charging terminal, allowing coolant to flow directly through the charging post, cable and charging gun port. The high specific heat capacity of the coolant quickly removes excess heat. In this way, even with high-power charging, the problem of heat dissipation efficiency can be perfectly solved while ensuring safety and stability.

Not only do they have greater load capacity, liquid-cooled charging devices are also 40%-50% lighter than conventional ones. The use of coolant heat dissipation makes the noise pollution much lower than air-cooled systems that require high speed small fans to dissipate heat. The daily maintenance of liquid-cooled charging piles is very simple, just need to clean the dust on the radiator outside, and its service life is at least 10 years; while the traditional air-cooled piles often need to open the cabinet maintenance, and the life cycle is generally less than 5 years. The promotion of liquid-cooled charging system reduces the cost of daily operation and maintenance and replacement of equipment for charging operators.

At present, with the increasing number of new energy vehicles in the consumer market, supporting infrastructure such as charging equipment needs to be developed in parallel. FAFA·E, as an emerging new energy technology brand, has entered into the research and development of liquid-cooled charging technology before it was officially registered. At present, FAFA·E cooperates with OMG', and its liquid-cooled charging equipment has passed a number of product performance tests, and the charging efficiency has been greatly improved. And the liquid-cooled charging guns provided are developed and produced based on IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001 standard, the interface size conforms to IEC 62196-3 CCS 2 plug standard, oil-cooled and water-cooled charging guns can meet different needs of users. We can also customize our products according to customers' needs and are committed to becoming a global first-class provider of new energy charging application technology.

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