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Liquid-cooled supercharging system: New energy vehicles are developing rapidly, charging technology must keep pace

Date:2023/6/9 3:04:50

Many people choose to travel by car during the May Day holiday, but according to media reports, many people said that the situation of "charging for one hour, queuing for three hours" led to a happy journey became irritable. Is it just because there are not enough charging piles? In fact, in February this year, the National Energy Board spokesman Liang Changxin introduced: "2022 China's charging infrastructure has 5.2 million units, an increase of nearly 100% year-on-year." In particular, the cumulative number of public charging piles reached 1.8 million units, and that number continues to soar. As of April 2023, 6,092,000 units of charging infrastructure have been built nationwide. But the seemingly prosperous new energy vehicle charging field, why there are still frequent owners complaining about the problem of "charging difficulties"?

In addition to the number of charging posts, the most fundamental reason is that the charging speed is not fast enough. Even if every home has a charging pile, and the charging facilities on the highway are as dense as gas stations, but the implementation of each car also requires a certain amount of charging time. After all, for the time being, the recharge time of electric cars is still not as short as that of fuel cars. If we do not focus on improving charging efficiency, blindly building more charging piles is a waste of operation and maintenance costs. For this problem, the liquid-cooled super-charging system is the right remedy.

Liquid-cooled piles + vehicles supporting high-power charging complete Supercharging:

Liquid-cooled charging, as the name implies, uses liquid as the medium to provide cooling effect to the charging device. As far as the existing cooling technology is concerned, the safety and heat dissipation of liquid-cooled charging is the highest, which can prevent thermal runaway and guarantee the normal operation of high-power Supercharger. In addition, the advantages of liquid-cooled supercharging system, such as light gun line, low noise pollution, and suitable for various harsh environments, are also in line with the mainstream of new energy technology development in the next few years.

But at present, because of the high technical threshold, liquid-cooled supercharging has not been commonly promoted. There are also few companies that can master the liquid-cooled supercharging technology. FAFA·E, a new generation brand in the field of high-tech research and development, has entered into a strategic cooperation with OMG', the world's leading provider of liquid-cooled charging cables, at the early stage of its establishment in 2022. And the liquid-cooled charging cables provided by FAFA·E have passed several product performance tests and comply with IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001 standard. Its liquid-cooled charging equipment not only improves charging efficiency from 250A to 700A, but also optimizes users' charging experience with lighter cables. FAFA·E offers retrofit solutions for 350KW liquid-cooled charging cables, which can significantly reduce operating costs for charging station operators. Currently, FAFA·E specializes in developing liquid-cooled supercharging system, and strives to be a powerful motor to promote the development of new energy vehicles.

500A liquid-cooled charging connector