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What can liquid-cooled charging technology do about the safety hazard of "car charging fire"?

Date:2023/6/6 2:04:05

For the frequent electric car fire accidents, not only cause consumers' worry and concern, but also warn the car companies and charging industry. Especially in summer, the hot weather seems to be more likely to make new energy vehicles catch fire. According to the statistics, the source of fire is usually the tram and the battery itself. But for this problem, the charging aspect can not be ignored, should not only pursue the charging speed, to protect the charging safety is the most important. At present, liquid cooling charging technology is the safest way to charge.

When the car is charging, the charging pile, cable and the whole charging system of the charging gun will generate heat, and the higher the current, the higher the heat, which requires higher heat dissipation efficiency of the equipment. Especially in summer, if the conventional air-cooled cooling or natural cooling is used, it is easily affected by the external high temperature, the cooling effect is not good, and the continuous high temperature will easily lead to the damage of the charging pile and electric car. The special feature of liquid-cooled charging system is to isolate the machine parts from the outside and use the coolant with high thermal conductivity to circulate in the liquid-cooled tube, thus taking away the heat and rapidly reducing the temperature of the equipment during charging, and it is not affected by the external temperature, which greatly improves the safety and stability of charging facilities and electric vehicles.

OMG' is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of liquid-cooled charging technology in China, independently producing 250A~700A liquid-cooled cables, high-power liquid-cooled sources, etc. OMG' strives to provide safe and efficient liquid-cooled charging solutions for users and enterprises.

In fact, the general charging posts are placed outdoors, and operators can avoid charging safety accidents to a large extent as long as they do a good job of waterproofing and lightning protection, insulation and grounding measures, and set up perfect fire protection measures in the premises. However, in terms of charging method, if liquid-cooled charging technology can be used, it is more insurance for charging safety.

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