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Talk about the six reasons to choose a liquid-cooled charging system

Date:2023/6/6 0:54:50

In the just concluded 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, the update iteration of new energy vehicles has been occupying the trending topic. In addition, the improvement and upgrade of charging technology is also an issue of high concern in the industry. Currently, liquid-cooled charging technology is the focus of the industry chase, as it greatly optimizes the performance of charging systems and improves charging efficiency. Here are six reasons to choose liquid-cooled charging.

1、Higher power, faster speed

In response to the market demand for fast charging speed, the temperature of the charging system is effectively reduced by adding cooling tubes inside the charging gun, cable and charging post, and using the water pump to push the coolant to form internal circulation, which provides safety for high-power charging and improves charging efficiency.

2、Fast heat dissipation and high safety

Liquid cooling is the use of liquid to do the transfer of heat absorption medium, compared to conventional natural cooling, can be faster to take away the heat, in charging to keep the device in a moderate temperature state; and liquid cooling charging system will be isolated from the internal parts and the outside world, so the parts by external pollution is small, there is a higher safety of use.

3、Can be used in low temperature and harsh environment

The compartmentalized design of the liquid-cooled charging system allows the electrical parts to be isolated from external contamination in actual use, so that even in the harsh environment of humidity, low temperature, dust, etc., the normal operation of the charging equipment can be ensured.

4、Lighter charging equipment, better sense of use

Generally speaking, increasing the current requires increasing the cross-sectional area of the cable to avoid safety problems caused by overheating of the cable. However, liquid cooling technology achieves "high current and low heat", so the cable becomes lighter and thinner, and it is more convenient for car owners to charge.

5、Less noise pollution

Traditional air-cooled cooling noise is generally above 70dB, which is particularly disturbing for places such as residential areas or office areas, and the user's experience when using it is not good. The current liquid-cooled charging products can provide a charging experience with noise lower than 60dB, which is more suitable for places that need to keep quiet.

Nowadays, many car companies, charging equipment manufacturers and new energy developers are focusing on developing liquid cooling technology. OMG' is committed to the development of liquid-cooled charging systems, and its products can cover the current range of 250A-700A. The weight of liquid-cooled cables is reduced by 50%, which really optimizes the charging experience for car owners. Experts in the industry are also keeping an eye on the development process of this technology, and they highly approve of the good development prospect of liquid-cooled charging.

500A liquid-cooled charging connector