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Unique aspects of liquid-cooled charging systems

Date:2023/6/5 7:01:46

As a means of transportation in line with the trend of green mobility, how to improve charging efficiency and solve the problem of slow charging has been the focus of discussion in the industry. In this regard, liquid-cooled charging system solves exactly this pain point.
From the current point of view, liquid-cooled technology is the best way to achieve high-power charging. Because high-power charging is generally used to increase the current at the charging terminal, then there will be the problem of excessive cable heating. The advantage of liquid-cooled charging is that the liquid-cooled tube is set inside the cable, so that the coolant forms a circulation in the system and brings the heat to the radiator for discharge. The efficient cooling effect not only meets the market demand for fast charging, but also makes it unnecessary to increase the cross-sectional area of the cable to dissipate heat, reducing the weight and volume of the cable and charging gun, and the liquid-cooled charging gun line can reach 30%-40% lighter than conventional. In this way, it is more convenient for users to use, and the production and transportation costs of enterprises are greatly reduced, which improves the feasibility of large-scale product promotion.
Now the liquid cooling technology has been widely recognized by the industry, and many Chinese companies are also vigorously developing this technology. 2017, OMG' began to invest in the research and development of high-power liquid cooling charging lines; in 2022, FAFA·E reached a strategic cooperation with OMG', dedicated to the research and development of high-power liquid cooling charging systems. So far, OMG' has high-power liquid cooling source, 500A and 250A liquid cooling gun cables, liquid cooling charging sockets, etc. More products can also be customized according to different customer needs.
In fact, the popularity of electric vehicles is an inevitable trend of social and technological development and environmental protection needs, and a good technical guarantee in charging is the most fundamental requirement. New energy research industry shoulders a heavy responsibility, and the development of liquid-cooled charging systems is undoubtedly a huge technological advancement that gives strong support to the electric vehicle industry. With the market demand for high-power charging, liquid-cooled charging cables are expected to become the standard for supercharging.
500A liquid-cooled charging connector