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How much cable does it take to install an electric vehicle charger

Date:2022/3/31 7:02:20

Charging piles are a very common energy supply equipment now, but there are still many people who do not know how many square wires are needed to install charging piles. The thickness of the wiring harness of the charging pile cannot be unified. It is mainly determined by the power storage capacity of the charging pile and the voltage of the wiring harness when it circulates electricity. In general, the wires of the charging pile are much thicker than other wires. , today we will learn how to choose the right cable when installing the charging pile.

1. The charging pile is divided into single-phase and three-phase. No matter whether it is two-phase or single-phase, it must first be converted to the AC incoming current.

(1) For single-phase charging pile (AC charging pile) I=P/U

(2) For three-phase charging piles (DC charging piles) I=P/(U*1.732)

After calculating the current in this way, select the cable according to the current size.

2. Cable selection can refer to relevant manuals or regulations such as:

(1) The single-phase charging pile is generally 7KW (AC charging pile) I=P/U=7000/220=32A, and a 4 square millimeter copper core cable should be used.

(2) Three-phase charging pile (DC pile)

15KW current 23A cable 4 square mm

30KW current 46A cable 10 square mm

60KW current 92A cable 25mm²

90KW current 120A cable 35 square mm

All charging piles should have neutral and ground wires. Therefore, a three-core cable is required for single-phase, and a five-core cable is required for three-phase.

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How much cable does it take to install an electric vehicle charger