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UL American Standard EV charging cable selection requirements

Date:2022/3/31 6:59:38

Car charging piles also occur in small areas of each underground parking lot. Slow charging is generally AC charging, and the current of DC charging is relatively large, and the demand for power distribution equipment in residential areas is relatively high. UL American standard cable company believes that more and more young people choose to buy electric vehicles instead of gasoline vehicles. UL American standard cable company to briefly describe the selection requirements of electric vehicle charging pile cables?

The charging pile is divided into DC and AC charging piles. The preferred DC charging pile is a large current of 1500V, which will generate a lot of heat, so the wires are thicker, and the more AC is the slow charging at home, which takes several hours to fully charge. , so the current is of course very small, and the wire is relatively thin. Most of the charging piles provided with the car are AC, not absolutely only in most cases (it is also convenient to carry it in the car at any time).

The UL American Standard Certified Cable Company briefly describes the difference between the quality and the bad of the charging pile cable as follows:

1. The UL American Standard Certified Cable Company briefly states that the cable should be often dragged and squeezed during the charging process. The product has high flexibility, which is very convenient for the plugging and unplugging of the vehicle.

2. It is possible that the rated temperature of outdoor high-temperature products should reach 125 ℃. The UL American Standard Certified Cable Company believes that heat resistance can ensure the safe use and life of cables.

3. It is necessary to control the voltage and current of the car in the whole process of charging the charging pile. The UL American Standard Certification Cable Company believes that the charging cable must have high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-interference signal, stable data signal transmission, and oil resistance. , Moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance and other characteristics can ensure the stability and safety of charging.

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