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AC EV charging pile cable characteristics

Date:2019/9/10 17:25:24

With the increasing number of new energy vehicles, new energy and green travel are gradually becoming a new way of life. Charging piles are increasingly appearing in life, so standard electric vehicle DC (AC) charging pile cables have become charging piles." heart"

The standard electric vehicle DC charging pile is commonly known as "fast charging". During the charging process, the input voltage of the DC charging pile adopts a three-phase four-wire AC380V±15%, a frequency of 50Hz, and the output is adjustable DC, which directly charges the power battery of the electric vehicle. . Fast charging requirements can be achieved; the standard electric vehicle AC charging pile is commonly known as "slow charging". The AC charging pile only provides power output and no charging function. You need to connect an on-board charger to charge the electric vehicle. This is a large amount of charging pile cable Requirements.

Mainly based on the production of special cables. Standard electric vehicle DC charging pile cables have high performance. They are mainly used in charging pile systems, floor-mounted charging piles, and wall-mounted charging piles. The voltage is 1KV (DC), the test voltage 6000V/min (DC), fixed laying: 4× cable outer diameter, mobile installation: 7.5× cable outer diameter or smaller temperature range, fixed laying: -50℃~90℃, mobile installation: -40℃~90℃, Oil resistance: very good, chemical resistance, excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents and various hydraulic oils, weather resistance: UV resistance, excellent solar aging performance, suitable for outdoor use. Flame retardant characteristics: in line with IEC. A special structure is adopted, and the specifications can be customized.

Use characteristics:

1. During the charging process, the cable has high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance, stable signal transmission, more than 10,000 times of deflection, more than 50,000 times of wear resistance, and 50,000 of wear resistance. More than times, oil resistance, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance and other characteristics.

2. The product has good concentricity, which can reach more than 80%, so that the high-voltage resistance of the cable is stable and reliable.

3. The minimum bending of the product is 4D, which is convenient for use between corner wiring in a narrow space. The product has high flexibility, which is very convenient for vehicle wiring.

4. The rated temperature of the product is 125℃, which is a great technological advancement and improvement for the use of one-time molded soft-grade insulation materials, and it is very important to ensure the flexible performance of the cable and improve the current-carrying capacity of the cable.