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"Blood" in electric vehicles - high voltage line

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"Blood" in electric vehicles - high voltage line


At this stage, there are many cars with green license plates on the road. This is the new energy electric vehicle that the country is vigorously promoting. China is currently actively promoting new energy vehicles, through preferential policies, providing subsidies and promoting the production of electric vehicles. From January to October 2018, the total output of new energy vehicles nationwide reached 869,856 vehicles, including 667,672 pure electric vehicles. According to institutional forecasts, the number of electric vehicles will increase by 2030, spurred by the government's policy of encouraging the purchase of clean energy vehicles. To 125 million.

In the next few years, new energy vehicles and charging piles will maintain a high growth trend. As a cable for transmitting electrical energy, with the development of new energy vehicles, it will also erupt.

The electric vehicle high-voltage line is used for the cable inside the new energy electric vehicle, connecting the charging port and the battery, the battery interior, the battery and the engine and other components as a carrier for power transmission.

Due to the harsh application environment in the car, the high-voltage line of electric vehicles has very high performance requirements. The domestic high-voltage line manufacturers of electric vehicles are uneven. Guangdong Ogilvy & Mather, as a cable manufacturer that entered the new energy field earlier, has certain advantages in the industry. Aomega focuses on research and development of cables for new energy fields, and Harbin Institute of Technology. University-enterprise cooperation, master the core technology of cable professional.

Omega's internal (high-voltage) cables for electric vehicles are mainly composed of high-voltage lines with shielded electric vehicles, high-voltage lines for double-layer electric vehicles and high-voltage lines for single-layer electric vehicles. Omega products are soft and have a bending radius of 5D or less; high temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, crack resistance and UV resistance; good flame retardancy; good electrical conductivity and low conductor temperature rise; all materials meet ROHS&REACH latest environmental standards.

Ogilvy has established an enterprise standard for electric vehicle high-voltage lines, and is now working with China Quality Certification Center and China Wire and Cable Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to set the industry standard for electric vehicle high-voltage lines. A number of car companies, battery companies, connector harness companies, charging pile companies and energy storage equipment companies in the industry have formed long-term cooperative relationships with Omega.

Omega electric high-voltage line is the first choice of many merchants in the industry. Omega manufacturers implement the concept of only for safetyand provide consumers with safe and high-quality cables. Pre-sales technology docking, after-sales customer service, cross-line help solve terminal problems.