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Do EV cables need a shield? what's the effect?

Date:2019/9/6 10:06:19

Unlike fuel-driven vehicles, it is necessary to control the three-phase alternating current of the electric vehicle motor. The sinusoidal voltage carrying energy is equivalent to square wave pulse signals of different frequencies. Because high-frequency pulses have steep edges, harmonics with strong energy will be emitted to the surrounding area.

The electromagnetic field interference generated by the high-voltage and large AC of new energy vehicles, and the electromagnetic interference generated by the rapid switching of electrical components, considering the factors of electromagnetic interference, the entire high-voltage system is completely covered by the shielding layer.

The extremely high current and voltage of electric vehicles will produce a large electromagnetic induction phenomenon during operation. If the electromagnetic shielding problem is not solved well, it will inevitably affect the performance of automotive electronic equipment. Therefore, the choice of shielding wire as the high-voltage line of electric vehicles is for electromagnetic shielding. Good choice.

The shielded wire is braided with multiple strands of tinned annealed copper wire. The thin copper wire can maintain design flexibility and has a coverage rate of more than 90%. It is necessary to control the reasonable insulation and sheath peeling force to meet the requirements of open-wire stripping.