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Connection method of electric vehicle charging cable

Date:2019/9/5 16:35:55

The electric vehicle charging cable is used to charge the electric vehicle and the power supply. It is one of the key equipment of the electric vehicle conductive charging system. The performance of this type of product will have a direct impact on the safe and reliable operation of the electric vehicle.

The safety performance of electric vehicles has always been the focus of attention in the industry, and its safety has been highly valued. On the basis of ensuring excellent insulation performance, electric vehicle charging cables should also have high aging resistance and heat resistance, and also need to have good low-smoke flame retardant properties to reduce the possibility of injury and accidents. loss.

In general, there are two modes of use for electric vehicle charging cables: one is placed on the car, and the car is used in different environments; the other is placed on roads, shopping malls, parking lots, hotels, garages, etc. On the charging column.

Connection method A: The charging cable is installed inside the car; this connection method is relatively rare due to the limited space of the battery box inside the electric car. The charging line is installed inside the car. The charging line belongs to the internal line of the car. It is restricted by the car company and the charging line requirements are relatively high.

Connection method B: The charging cable can be used alone; the charging cable has a two-way plug to connect the electric vehicle to the AC power grid, and a separate movable cable assembly with a vehicle plug and a charging plug is used.

Connection method C: The charging cable is connected to the charging pile; the electric vehicle is connected to the AC power grid by using a cable assembly and a charging plug that are permanently connected to the power supply device.

Either way, electric vehicle charging cables may be affected by unfavorable conditions such as sunlight, weathering, oil stains, moisture, freezing, etc., and it is likely to be often bent or dragged during use, which will inevitably cause cable scratches and wear , Crushing and other injuries. These will inevitably have higher requirements for the flexibility, flexibility and mechanical properties of the cable.

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