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Electric vehicle with shielded high voltage line

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Unlike fuel-driven vehicles, three-phase alternating current that controls the electric motor's motors becomes a must. The sinusoidal voltage carrying energy is equivalent to a square wave pulse signal of different frequencies. Since the high frequency pulse has a steep edge, it generates a very strong harmonic emission to the surrounding area.

The electromagnetic field interference generated by the high-voltage and large AC of the new energy vehicle and the electromagnetic interference generated by the rapid on-off of the electrical components, the entire high-voltage system is covered by the shielding layer in consideration of the electromagnetic interference factor.

The ultra-high current and voltage of electric vehicles will cause a large electromagnetic induction phenomenon during operation. If the electromagnetic shielding problem is not solved well, it will inevitably affect the performance of automotive electronic equipment. Therefore, the choice of shielded conductors as the high-voltage line of electric vehicles is for electromagnetic shielding. A good choice.

The shielded wire is woven by a plurality of tin-plated annealed copper wires. The thin copper wire can maintain the flexibility of the design, and has a coverage of more than 90%. It is necessary to control the reasonable insulation and sheath peeling force to meet the requirements of the wire stripping processing.

Ogilvy Electric Vehicles with shielded high-voltage lines are wrapped with aluminum foil stranded around the conductors to better resist external electromagnetic interference and radiate electromagnetic interference from the interior of the vehicle itself. Ogilvy focuses on independent research and development of wire and cable for 20 years, and has certain leading and advantages in the industry. Omega's various cables have almost all shielded cables.

Omega has advanced production equipment and strong technical force, and has received guidance and support from many scientific research units and related experts. The product quality has reached the domestic advanced level and has obtained the product quality inspection certificate. The products are sold at home and abroad. Meg offers customized, professional wire and cable project solutions, cost-effective and high quality wire and cable.