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How to connect the electric car charging cable

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How to connect the electric car charging cable

Electric vehicle charging cable cable is used for charging connection between electric vehicle and power supply. It is one of the key equipments for electric vehicle conduction charging system. The performance of this type of product will have a direct impact on the safe and reliable operation of electric vehicles.

The safety performance of electric vehicles has always been the focus of attention in the industry, and its safety is highly valued. Electric vehicle charging cable should also have high aging resistance and heat resistance on the basis of ensuring excellent insulation performance, and also need to have good low-smoke flame retardant performance to reduce the damage that may occur in accidents. loss.

In general, electric vehicle charging cables have two modes of use: one is placed in a car and used in different environments with the car; the other is placed in roads, shopping malls, parking lots, hotels, garages, etc. On the charging column.

Connection method A: The charging cable is installed inside the car; this connection method is relatively rare due to the limited space of the battery box inside the electric car. The charging line installed in the car's internal charging line belongs to the car's internal line, which is restricted by the car company, and the charging line requirements are also relatively high.

Connection B: The charging cable can be used separately; the charging cable has a two-way plug that connects the electric vehicle to the AC grid, using a separate active cable assembly with a vehicle plug and charging plug.

Connection method C: The charging cable is connected to the charging post; connecting the electric vehicle to the AC grid is to use a cable assembly and a charging plug that are permanently connected to the power supply device.

Either way, electric vehicle charging cables may be affected by adverse conditions such as sunlight, weathering, oil, moisture, freezing, etc., and it is likely to be bent and dragged frequently during use, which inevitably causes the cable to be scratched and worn. , crushing and other damage. These must have higher requirements for the flexibility, flexibility and mechanical properties of the cable.

OMG charging cable conductor is made of multi-strand fine-twisted oxygen-free copper wire, which has the advantages of high flexibility, high reliability, high strength and high stability. The jacket is made of TPU material and is a new type of environmentally friendly product with high temperature resistance and good environmental resistance. It is a thermosetting plastic. Excellent electrical properties, low dielectric loss, excellent anti-aging properties and superior heat resistance, strong load capacity, chemical resistance and high mechanical strength. New high-end materials are suitable for use on new energy cables.

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