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Requirements for outdoor use of charging pile cables

Date:2019/8/19 17:15:42

With the development of new energy vehicles, as cables for transmitting electrical energy, there will also be explosive growth. As the current carrier connecting the electric vehicle and the charging pile, the charging cable has always been a concern of people. It not only needs to transmit information between the two, but also needs to control the charging, but also to ensure excellent insulation performance. On the basis, it has high aging resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, and other properties. Because it often bends and drags during use, it also requires the flexibility and mechanical properties of the cable.

The charging pile cable can be used indoors or outdoors. When used outdoors, the charging pile cable should meet the erosion of high cold, sunlight, rain, and automotive oils. This requires the cable to have UV resistance, ozone, high and low-temperature resistance suitable for the use occasion. Special properties such as a chemical attack. To improve the softness of the wire and cable, to facilitate laying and installation, the conductive core is made by twisting multiple monofilaments. The current flowing through the conductor under the same cross-section is the same, and the conductor composed of multiple monofilament strands is more flexible than the single conductor.

The charging pile cable will be frequently stretched and bent or crushed by electric vehicles and other external mechanical damage during use, so this also requires the charging pile cable to meet special mechanical performance requirements such as winding, bending, and vehicle rolling test Wait. In the severely cold winter in the north, the cable jacket material is more challenging.


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