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Safety performance requirements for charging pile cables

Date:2019/8/15 13:47:25

As today's society is under tremendous pressure from energy and the environment, people are constantly looking for clean energy to substitute traditional fuels to improve the deteriorating current situation of traffic emissions. As a result, the emergence and application of new energy electric vehicles have gradually become the focus of the attention of governments and auto manufacturers in various countries. The development and construction of new energy electric vehicles and distribution facilities is a key project for national development, and the market demand for charging pile cables has greatly increased.

The charging pile should be able to judge whether the charging connector and the charging pile cable are correctly connected. When the charging connector is correctly connected to the battery system of the electric vehicle, the charging pile is allowed to start the charging process; when the charging pile detects that the connection to the battery system of the electric vehicle is abnormal, it stops charging immediately and issues an alarm message.

The charging pile shall have to charge protection functions: communication abnormal protection, insulation impedance inspection protection, emergency shutdown protection, abnormal charging current protection, abnormal charging amount protection, abnormal voltage protection, leakage protection, charging gun over-temperature protection, and battery temperature abnormal protection.

Correspondingly, the charging cable, as a current carrier connecting the electric vehicle and the charging pile, not only needs to transmit information between the two, but also needs to control the charging, but also has a relatively good basis based on ensuring excellent insulation performance. High aging resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, etc., because it is often bent and dragged during use, it also requires the flexibility and mechanical properties of the cable. The charging pile cable can be used indoors or outdoors. When used outdoors, the charging pile cable should meet the erosion of high cold, sunlight, rain, and automotive oils. This requires the cable to have UV resistance, ozone, high and low-temperature resistance suitable for the use occasion. Special properties such as a chemical attack.