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OMG new luminous charging cable and spring charging pile cable product introduction

Date:2019/8/15 13:40:04

With the development of technology, application scenarios, and business model innovation, not only the automobile is undergoing changes, but the industry chain around the development of the automobile industry is also undergoing changes. With the explosive growth of the number of new energy vehicles in the past two years, the construction scale of the charging piles of its necessary supporting facilities has also expanded. The pace of construction of charging piles has been significantly accelerated, and as the demand for fast charging of urban public charging piles continues to increase, the charging power of charging piles will show a clear upward trend.

OMG, as an important member of the electric vehicle industry supply chain, is to promote the safety, personalization, and diversity of charging pile cables. The two charging pile cables independently developed by OMG have been tested and improved for a long time, and the product has officially entered the mass production stage.


AC Spring charging cables

 AC Spring charging cables


The spring cable is a kind of equipment connecting wire that uses scalability to control the movement of the movable equipment. It can quickly rebound in a short time. It is widely used in automobiles, charging equipment, automated machines, meters, etc. In mobile devices; its use area is in Europe, America, and some domestic high-end customized products.

The spring cables of this series are mainly used in charging systems that comply with GB/T 18487. 1-2001, and are connected to the connection devices specified in GB/T 20234. They operate at different voltages and frequencies and may include lower voltage levels. And communication signals, conductors use GB/T3956 category 5 or category 6 conductor.


1. Rated temperature: -40℃~+90℃

2. Rated Voltage: AC 450/750V

3. min bend radius: ≤6D

4. Spring maximum stretch length: The length of the closed spring * 3.5

5. Recommended diameter for spring coil processing: 3.3D~4.8D

6. Cable tensile property, 000 tensile tests, 3.5kVac/5min. No Breakdown

7. Dielectric Voltage: 3.5kVac/5min. No Breakdown

8. Anti-tear Performance: ≥40N/mm

9. Environmental Requirements: Compliant with RoHS and REACH

AC luminous charging cable

The OMG AC luminous charging cable incorporates cold light technology. While charging, the cable emits light evenly and has a soft light feeling, which is suitable for night charging observation. The light-emitting process of the light-emitting line does not generate any heat, and the energy consumption is extremely low; the shock resistance is good, it is not easy to fail due to the severe impact of the outside world; the integrated treatment of the light-emitting control; its light-emitting life can reach 10,000 hours. The charging cable materials are made of halogen-free materials, and the insulation is TPE, which meets the S90 insulation material requirements of the CQC standard; the sheath is TPU. The luminous wire is resistant to bending and abrasion, more flexible than other products, and full of elasticity.

AC luminous charging cable

AC luminous charging cable


Rated temperature         :-40℃~90℃

Rated Voltage             : AC 450/750V

Insulation Resistance       :≥0.037MΩ.km at 60℃ Comply with CQC1103-215

Flame Test                 : Single cable flame test

Dielectric Voltage              : 2.5kVac/15min. No Breakdown

Low temperature impact   :-40℃, No cracks

 Bending Test               5000cyclesConductor does not open circuit Insulation withstand voltage test no breakdown

 Luminous lifetime         ≥10000H

 Oil Resistance                 :GasolineIRM903#IRM902# ,1HNO Cracking

Resistance to Acid and alkali  :168h, Tensile Strength Variation ≤30%; Elongation≥100%

Environmental Requirements:Compliant with RoHS and REACH