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Basic knowledge of UL certification charging pile cable

Date:2019/8/14 16:35:30

The wire is an extremely important part in the production of the automotive wiring harness. It is divided into primary single-core wire, twisted pair consisting of multiple primary wires, shielded wire, sheathed wire, multi-core cable, cable, and so on. According to the corresponding car type, there are car low-voltage lines and new energy car line. According to the applicable standards, automobile wires are mainly divided into Japanese standard wires, German standard wires, American standard wires, and national standard wires. The following is a brief introduction to Omega American Standard Automotive Wire.

The American standard wire number AWG is written according to the diameter of the wire. Unlike the international standard, which is written according to the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire, the AWG is not directly expressed by the diameter of the wire. The reason is: 300 years ago, rolling and extrusion had not yet been born, or forging was used to prepare wire blanks, and the measuring tools at that time were also very rough. In this case, the number of drawing was used as a sign of wire thickness. Each time it is pulled, the number one is increased, and the wire blank is number zero. After the elimination of history, mergers, and changes, some countries changed to diameter measurement, but in the United Kingdom and the United States, the line number notation is still used today. The American Wire Gauge (AWG), Birmingham Wire Gauge (BWG), and British Empire Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) are commonly used today.

OMG American standard line is mainly composed of two types of EVE (EVE-600V or 1000V, temperature resistance -40 ~ 105 ℃. Insulated TPE, sheath TPE (≥ 2 cores, 18AWG ~ 500Kcmil)) and EVJ (EVT-600V or 1000V, Temperature resistance -40~105℃. Insulated PVC, sheathed PVC (≥2 cores, 18AWG~500Kcmil)) series; mainly refer to ISO6722:2006, UL62 standard, suitable for car charging pile equipment, mobile portable charging wire and cable device (spring wire Series), electric vehicle internal wire (battery wire)/motor wire.

The cable conductor is made of multi-strand fine-stranded oxygen-free copper wire with strong flexibility; it is insulated with a special modified high-temperature resistant elastomer material, oil, and water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high and low temperature resistant, high mechanical strength, chemical stability and dielectric Excellent performance, good product performance, safe use; the applicable environment can reach -40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃; cable in the process of charging voltage, current, and other signal control and transmission network system with high voltage resistance, high-temperature resistance, anti-electromagnetic interference, signal The transmission is stable; the minimum bending of the cable is 4D, which is convenient for use between corner wiring in a narrow space. The product has high flexibility, which is very convenient for vehicle wiring.

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