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Main performance parameter index of UL certification charging pile cable

Date:2019/8/13 14:30:31

According to the applicable standards, automotive cables are mainly divided into Japanese standard wires, German standard wires, American standard wires, and national standard wires. Among them, the UL62 certified charging cable is one of the three major cable markets in the world. UL62 certified cables have a wide range of materials, such as PVC, TPE, CPE, etc.; focus on environmental resistance, electrical performance, combustion, etc., such as 90-degree long-term insulation resistance, relative capacitance and stability factor, VW-1 test, etc. Destruction; and evaluation and evaluation of the actual use of the cable test, such as swing test, liquid resistance test, high and low temperature cycle, damp heat test, tear resistance test, etc.

The specific properties of the cable conductor are electrical and mechanical properties, 15℃ minimum insulation resistance (GΩ.m); 20℃ conductor DC resistance; core wire insulation-dielectric strength (withstand voltage); insulation spark voltage; tensile strength (N / mm2); elongation at break (%); thermal deformation; low temperature bending (-40±2℃*4h); thermal shock test; low temperature impact. Omega cables are soft, have a good feel, and have a bending length of less than 5D; oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, rolling resistance, crack resistance, UV resistance, color stability; good flame retardant performance; more than 50000 bending resistance; All materials comply with the latest environmental standards of RoHS & REACH.

The OMG American standard line is mainly composed of two types of EVE (EVE-600V or 1000V, temperature resistance -40 ~ 105 ℃. Insulated TPE, jacket TPE (≥ 2 cores, 18AWG ~ 500Kcmil)) and EVJ (EVT-600V or 1000V, Temperature resistance -40~105℃. Insulated PVC, sheathed PVC (≥2 cores, 18AWG~500Kcmil) series; mainly refer to ISO6722: 2006, UL62 standard, suitable for car charging pile equipment, mobile portable charging wire and cable device (spring wire Series), electric vehicle internal wire (battery wire)/motor wire.