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What are the requirements for cable certification of electric vehicle charging piles?

Date:2019/8/13 14:18:37

The electric vehicle charging system is an important basic support system for electric vehicles. It is a key condition for the industrialization and popularization of electric vehicles, and it has a significant impact on the industrial development of electric vehicles. The electric vehicle charging cable is used to connect the electric vehicle charging device and the charging infrastructure to transmit power to the electric vehicle and is equipped with a certain number of signal line control line power auxiliary lines, etc. to ensure accurate control and safe operation of the entire charging process. Charging cables are generally used in charging stations, parking lots, hotels, residential areas, garages, and other areas. Portable charging cables can be placed in the car.

At present, the safety of electric vehicles has become the focus of the industry. The safety of charging cables has also become the focus of attention. The electric vehicle charging cables are used as a new type of wire and cable. Its use requirements are different from traditional wire and cable. Many international testing authorities have also evaluated the cables in the field of new energy. Certification. AOMEG electric vehicle charging cables have not only obtained internationally renowned certifications: American UL and German TüV, but also domestic CQC certification and Dekay certification. DEKRA Group cooperated with CQC to launch a series of charging cable and high-voltage wire harness standards.

As the world's largest professional testing agency for motor vehicles, DEKRA Group has more than 90 years of professional testing experience and can provide one-stop testing services covering charging piles, connectors, and electric vehicle parts. It is an authoritative institution for automobile safety appraisal and testing recognized by the German government. CQC, as the largest local certification body in China, develops a full range of technical services around electric vehicles and related industries, from "electricity" to "car", from "charging" to "electricity", from complete vehicles to parts to materials, R & D training and testing and certification, and provide technical support for the implementation and promotion of many national policies.

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