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New product release OMG high-power liquid-cooled charging cable

Date:2020/5/10 1:49:41

In 2009, OMG entered the field of new energy electric vehicles, and put into research and development of fourth-generation products such as new energy electric vehicle cables; OMG became the first domestic enterprise focusing on new energy vehicle conduction products, and successively obtained IEC62893, EN50620 (IEC62893- 3 Equivalent to EN50620), UL62, GB/T 33594, CQC1103-1105, DEKRA K175, TUV 2pfg 1908.

In 2017, OMG vigorously developed high-power DC charging cables, aiming to provide customers with safer and faster electric vehicle charging cable solutions.

The high-power DC charging cable uses liquid cooling technology to cool down through cooling, so that the cable maintains a low and constant temperature during the charging process, overcomes the thermal damage to the charging gun, charging cable, and charging pile due to heating, thereby improving a DC charging current. a scheme. The principle is to add a liquid cooling circulation system inside the cable, and through the sealed circulation connection inside the charging gun, the cooling system and the charging system can coexist and work together.

With the support of the company, the high-power charging team has planned liquid-cooled charging lines and water-cooled charging line products for different product application scenarios and customer groups after rigorous market analysis and product iteration. It can be used to fully charge the car battery in a short period of time, or to quickly replenish the power to increase the cruising range, meet customer needs, improve the utilization rate of electric vehicles, and eliminate users' anxiety about charging.

OMG high-power DC charging cable product reference standard: IEC62893.4.2-2021

Product description:

 Construction                                Features                                            
  1.Conductor  Rated temperature    :-40℃~105℃
  Material: Bare Copper  Rated Voltage  :DC 1000V
  2.Insulation  Maximum current    :400A、500A、600A
 Material: TPE  Maximum power    :400KW、500KW、600KW
 3.Filler   cable outer diameter   :24mm、28mm、36mm
 Material: PP Cord  Min   : Bending Radius: ≥6*OD
 4.Tube   Environmental Requirements:Compliant with RoHS and REACH      
 Material:XLPO OR FEP  The temperature of the job:conductor ≤90℃;surface≤60℃
 Material: TPU  

High-power water-cooled DC charging cable

This product can be customized. Interested friends are welcome to contact us at any time. At the same time, you are also welcome to visit OMG and discuss cooperation. Please contact us as follows: