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OMG participated in the welcome dinner of the 2014 Global New Energy Vehicle Conference

Date:2015-01-05 14:47:26

The Global New Energy Vehicle Conference was held on January 23, 2015, which coincided with the first anniversary of OMG listing。


General Manager Cheng and his entourage received a warm reception from the Tianjin Gaoli District Government and truly felt that Tianjin attaches great importance to new energy. In terms of building a new energy city, Tianjin has made it a top priority, formulated supporting policies, accelerated the construction of supporting facilities, and carried out extensive media publicity!


At the same time, internal and external institutions such as Qilu Securities also fully affirmed OMG performance in the past year. Ogilvy has always adhered to the mission of "benefiting mankind, green innovation". The affirmation of OMG and Mather by Qilu Securities and other industry internal and external institutions gave OMG more motivation.

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