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OMG was identified as the 2016 Patent Advantage Enterprise in Dongguan

Date:2016/11/13 0:12:40

According to the "Dongguan Patent Promotion Project Funding Measures (Revision)" (Dongfu [2016] No. 20), OMG was identified as 2016 by the Dongguan Intellectual Property Office after procedures such as enterprise declaration, review by relevant departments at the municipal and town levels, and expert review. Dongguan Patent Advantage Enterprise.

OMG was identified as the 2016 Patent Advantage Enterprise in Dongguan

"OMG is only for safety". In order to improve the safety factor and product performance, and in order to continuously make new technological breakthroughs in new energy vehicle transmission products, OMG has invested a lot of resources in research and development and obtained product-related certification. This was recognized as the Dongguan Patent Advantage Enterprise in 2016, which is the affirmation of OMG's intellectual property work in Dongguan City, which marks that OMG's intellectual property work has risen to a new level, and also shows OMG's strength in product research and development. OMG will continue to increase investment in research and development, and raise it to a new level on the existing basis. I believe that OMG's product patents will achieve better results in quality and quantity!

Dongguan Patent Advantage Enterprise

Dongguan Patent Advantage Enterprise is identified in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Dongguan Patent Promotion Project Funding Measures" and through relevant project establishment procedures. By identifying Dongguan City Patent Advantage Enterprise, it is intended to cultivate a number of strong patent creation, utilization, protection and management capabilities And an enterprise with industry influence.

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