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OMG was selected as the "2019 New Three Board "Innovation Star 50" List"

Date:2019/6/26 11:26:03

Recently, in order to guide more small and medium-sized enterprises to move their eyes to original technology research and development, and actively win the international competitive advantage through "increasing research and development, developing new technologies, and occupying new markets", Guangdong New Third Board Company Association, Guangzheng Hang Seng and Panorama Net jointly released the "2019 New Third Board'Innovation Star 50' Catalog". The relevant person in charge of the publishing unit said that next, it will do a good job of "innovation" brand communication according to the needs of enterprises, promote corporate financing through diversified publicity, and gather resources to value small and medium-sized enterprises.

OMG was selected as the

In recent years, the development quality of small and medium-sized enterprises in the New Third Board of Guangdong has been continuously improved, with deep accumulation in the fields of information technology, equipment manufacturing, software, biotechnology, etc., forming a special group of small and medium-sized enterprises.

According to reports, companies selected in the "Innovation Star 50" list have 2018 R&D expenses of more than 10 million yuan, operating income of more than 100 million yuan, the revenue growth rate is positive and in line with the direction of strategic emerging industries. The financial situation of the company is generally good, with median revenue of 213 million yuan and median revenue growth of 25.41% year-on-year. The median net profit attributable to the mother is 19.63 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.83%. Enterprises have outstanding innovation capabilities, with average R&D expenses/sales revenue ratio of 9.83%, which is 7.19% higher than the national average of the New Third Board enterprises. In 2018, the average R&D expenses reached 22.139.5 million, three times the national average. From the perspective of the return on total assets and the return on net assets, Star Innovation companies as a whole have good profitability, and their operating efficiency is also much higher than the national average.

The "Innovation Star 50" activity in 2019 is supported by Guangzheng Hang Seng as exclusive research. The research team combined the actual situation of the new third board enterprises in Guangdong Province (excluding Shenzhen) to study the innovation ability and evaluation standards of enterprises. The evaluation indicators are divided into R&D investment, There are four dimensions of financing, growth, and bargaining power in the industry chain. Each dimension has 1-4 indicators. A comprehensive analysis method is adopted to select 50 enterprises from an objective and neutral standpoint. (Reprinted above from Panoramic Network)

OMG was selected as the

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