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The 3rd Working Conference on AC 1.5kV High Voltage Soft Cable Standards for Electric Vehicles was held smoothly in Songshan Lake

Date:2016-07-15 17:17:01   Popularity:

On July 14, 2016, the third standard working meeting of AC 1.5kV high voltage flexible cable for electric vehicles was successfully held in Songshan Lake. This standard working meeting will summarize and discuss the contents of the previous local standard meeting of high voltage cable for electric vehicles. As a conference organizer, Guangdong OMG Conduction Technology Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes the participating units of the standard working conference "AC 1.5kV High Voltage Soft Cable for Electric Vehicles".

第三次《电动汽车用AC 1.5kV高压软电缆》标准工作会议在松山湖顺利召开

Not long ago, representatives of Daimler Greater China Investment Co., Ltd. visited Guangdong OMG Conduction Technology Co., Ltd. for a one-day visit. During the visit, the representative of Daimler China affirmed OMG's achievements in new energy transmission products. At the same time, it also expresses great concern about the promulgation of China's electric vehicle cable standards. Not only Daimler Greater China, but also automotive-related enterprises are paying close attention to the promulgation of new energy electric vehicle cable standards. A good standard of automobile cable will be an important basis for guiding the development of new energy enterprises. Owing to the emerging characteristics of the new energy automobile market, the standard has become a very important technical guidance standard in this industry, leading the future product development direction. As one of the drafting units of the Technical Specification for Cables Used in Electric Vehicle Conduction and Charging System, OMG, in order to standardize the technical specifications for new energy high-voltage wire products, took the lead in preparing the preparation of Electric Vehicle AC 1.5KV in 2015. High Voltage Flexible Cable, Local Standard. Although OMG is the project enterprise of "AC 1.5kV High Voltage Flexible Cable for Electric Vehicles", the formulation of standards is definitely the result of the joint efforts of many upstream and downstream enterprises and institutions. OMG is eager to look forward to the issuance and implementation of high voltage cable standards for electric vehicles.